OZFM Nationals - Saturday 20 August 2016 - MINI Challenge

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OZFM Nationals - Saturday 20 August 2016 - MINI Challenge

Post by surferofthemind on Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:41 am

Saturday 20 August

Lobby open around 7pm for 7:30pm race start **

MINI Challenge

Car: 2012 MINI Cooper GP


Brakes = Race
Springs = Race
Anti Roll = Race (F+R)
Roll Cage = Race
Weight = Race

Clutch = Race
Gears = Sport
Diff = Race

Tyres = Race
Width = 235 (widest) front and rear
Rims = MOMO Raptor

Air = Sport
Exhaust = Sport

All other parts are to remain Stock


*** Some may have built a MINI for another groups race series. Make sure your build for this event is built to the above specs. The rims and aero will give away the difference, we don't have that hideous Forza wing.
I will also share my build to make it easy to add to your car. If you have the other build it might be best to buy another MINI to add this build to or use the build list above to make sure your build is correct.

Free to tune

3 groups:
Too bloody quick - 90% power
Pretty fast - 95% power
The rest - 100% power


No Tobacco, nothing explicit or offensive.
Add your Race number and a sponsor or more.
Shared livery is allowed.
Where possible base you livery on real MINI Challenge cars.


track 1: Rio Coastal Loop 8 laps
track 2: Hockenheimring Short 9 laps
track 3: Brands Hatch Indy 12 laps
track 4: Laguna Seca 10 laps

Standing start
Random grid
No "Quick Stops" required

** Australian Eastern Standard Time, Sydney/Melbourne

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