OZFM Nationals - Saturday 17 Sept 2016 - Australian Production Car Racing B class

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OZFM Nationals - Saturday 17 Sept 2016 - Australian Production Car Racing B class

Post by surferofthemind on Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:44 pm

Saturday 17 September

Lobby open around 7pm for 7:30pm race start ***

Australian Production Car Racing - B class

I enjoyed racing the A class cars last night so thought we could run the B class 2 wheel driver cars this coming Saturday. Same rules, same build just 1 class back and no AWD's. Build, tune and paint.


2005 - Present
B: Sport 2WD *
eg: Megane RS, Clio, MX5, M235i, 86/BRZ, Civic, 308 GTI, Veloster, Focus RS, Scirocco, Mazda 3, RX8, MINI, S2000, etc**

* 2 wheel drive only (RWD or FWD)
* No mid or rear engine cars.
** Not all cars listed have been tested and some may not fit with required builds.



Brakes = Race
Springs = Race
Anti Roll = Race (F+R)
Roll Cage = Race

Clutch = Race
Gears = Sport
Diff = Race

Tyres = Race

No conversions.


Weight, driveshaft, engine upgrades, tyre width = any to fit class.
Rims = any (must be race style from sports or multi-piece selections).
Aero = factory (no aftermarket, no adjustable Forza, no rally. Factory option allowed, eg: A45 AMG has factory aero option).

Free to tune

2 of each car will be allowed.
1st in best dressed.
Post up your car choice here.
Choice of car is up to you but I do ask that you don't just go for the fastest car for the win.

Cars must represent those commonly seen on Australian roads and available at most local dealerships. Chev SS is the exception, well Chevy Commodores are everywhere!
Vauxhall is Holden so allowed.
Cars like the Scion tC and Pontiac Solstice never made it to Australia so cars like this will not be permitted.
No SUV's.
No Trucks.
No Vans.
No Hot Rods.
No Limo.
No out of the box race cars (eg: MX5 Cup)
No Mid or Rear Engines.

Livery Rules:

No Tobacco, nothing explicit or offensive.
Add your Race number and a sponsor or more.
Shared livery is allowed.
Where possible base your livery on cars from the Australian Production Car Racing (see my cool photos I took).

3 groups:
Too bloody quick - 90% power
Pretty fast - 95% power
The rest - 100% power


track 1: Brands Hatch GP - 18 laps
track 2: Hockenheimring National - 19 laps
track 3: Road Atlanta Club - 25 laps
(70km per track)

Rolling start
Random grid
One "Quick Stop" required per race

*** Australian Eastern Standard Time, Sydney/Melbourne

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