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OZFM - Driver Code of Conduct

Post by iWolf on Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:59 pm

OZFM Driver Code of Conduct

The purpose of this code is to ensure, as far as possible, that all members participating in races organised on OZFM can get maximum enjoyment and reward from their online racing.

Acceptance of the code is a condition of entry in any race event organised on OZFM.

The Code of Conduct

Do NOT cut corners to gain an advantage.

Be a courteous, friendly and responsible driver.

Drive within your abilities

Maintain good driving manners and be respectful of others.

Communicate your intentions when overtaking in tight racing situations.

Ask for and give other cars “ racing room” when appropriate

Abide by the rules set down for racing

Abide by the rules for redressing racing incidents, when they occur.

Do not under any circumstances abuse other players!

Drive and race in accordance with the "Good driving manners and racing practice"

If you can’t or won’t abide by the code of conduct, please race elsewhere!

Corner Cutting:

This is defined as having all four (4) wheels off the track to either gain time or a place. Most of the time Forza will let you know instantly if you have cut a corner by "dirtying" your lap time.
It does not matter whether it is on the inside or outside of a corner, both cases are considered corner cutting.
Therefore drivers are to keep at least two (2) wheels on the track at all times unless trying to avoid an accident ahead, or to avoid causing an accident by hitting another driver.

If a driver abuses this interpretation (eg: uses this excuse for all corners cut) penalties may be applied including loss of points, and potential exclusion from race results or exclusion from events if the offending driver continues not to abide by the ruling after being made aware of a breach. Series organisers may also impose a Strike system - where a driver will be penalised after they have been deemed to have cut a corner more than the allowable limit (to be determined by the organiser prior to series commencing) for an event/race. This must be included in the rules and regulations for the series before it commences.

Any position gained by leaving the track must be redressed (except any positioned gained by overtaking a driver who is already involved in an accident ahead that you have left the track to avoid). It is also important not to force another driver into cutting a corner or using a run off area.

Occasionally a series organiser will stipulate that a variant of a track will be used which allow for leaving the regular track and using a runoff area (such as the hairpin at the end of the back straight on Catalunya). Drivers may only use the runoff for that particular corner stipulated and not for the whole track. There may also be events where the series organiser stipulates that all drivers are allowed to use any/all runoff areas to their advantage. In both cases the series organiser must post this in advance on the forum when posting race calendar for the series.

Good driving manners and racing practice

1. Race start
All drivers on the grid have one car only for the duration of a race, restarts are only considered in extreme circumstances.
At the start of the race watch the car in front of you. If they don't catch the start lights as well as you then you must either slow down or move to the side and pass them.  Make sure you don't collide with the cars in front or to the side.

2. The first corner
Don't ruin your race or someone else’s in the first 15 seconds.  There is little to gain and a lot to lose by charging too fast into the first corner and causing or being involved in an accident.
Be mindful of the people in front of and around you. There is always going to be a queue in the first corner so if you approach a little more slowly you will make up this ground quickly.
If you are towards the back of the field you will need to brake well before your normal braking point.  Remember,  grip will be reduced due to low tyre temperatures.

3. Following
If you are following a car but are unable to pass, make sure you take corners at similar speed to the car in front of you.  If you take the corner at a faster speed when following you might hit the other car and force it off the track.
Any driver found to be deliberately bumping competitors in order to unsettle their car will face disciplinary action at the discretion of the race organiser or COMS Officials. 

4. Passing
If you are following a car and racing for position don't be too hasty to pass. Take a lap or so to work out in which sections of the track you are faster and which parts you are slower. Pass where you feel confident you can pass safely. Also be aware if you are in a lighter car with better brakes, that the car in front of you may have to brake earlier.  So if you want to brake at your normal point, do it off the line that the car in front is taking..
If you’re attempting to pass in a tight competitive situation, such as a late move under brakes into a corner, or in any situation where the other driver might not realise your intention tell them where you are and what you’re doing and call for racing room. Eg. “Passing on your left” , “On you right”, etc

5. Defending a race position
A number of factors need to be considered when discussing defence of a poistion when racing.
- Defending a race position is allowed as detailed below
- Blocking is any means used to avoid being overtaken, other than legitimately defending the position.
 Blocking is not allowed at any time.
- Racing room is something you ask for or allow to others when in a dicing/overtaking situation.

A driver can change his line ONCE ONLY to defend his race position from a following car when approaching a corner.

This is a defensive move only, which must be made in a timely way. You may not change line to defend a position if it will cause contact with another car or force another car to take abrupt evasive action to avoid contact.
- If you're on the racing (outside) line and a following car is on the inside line approaching a corner, you may move to the inside line to defend the entry to the corner. You must then maintain that line into the corner.

- If you're on a defensive (inside) line and a following car is moving to pass on the outside line approaching a corner, you may move to the outside line to defend the line to the corner. You must then maintain that line into the corner.

- After making a defensive move such as above, you may need to allow the following car racing room if it draws level and attempts to pass on the unclaimed side as you enter the corner.

Other than when following the accepted racing line, a car must not weave repeatedly across the track or drive in the middle of the track to avoid being passed, where passing would otherwise be possible.
Changing your racing line to defend your race position must be done in a timely way. A defensive change of line is considered to be blocking if it impedes the progress of the overtaking vehicle or requires abrupt evasive action to avoid contact.

6. Claiming racing room when overtaking
This applies whenever racing room may be required while overtaking, and particularly when attempting to overtake on the approach to a corner.

For a driver to claim the right to racing room when attempting to overtake, his car must have a significant overlap on the car being overtaken.
A significant overlap is achieved if the attacking car is able to get alongside the defending car so his front bumper is within 1/2 a car length of being level with the defending car.

When racing it is often difficult to tell exactly how far alongside a car you actually are.
Drivers should call for racing room ONLY if they are certain they have the required overlap and are capable of completing the pass safely.

If you don't have the required overlap as you approach a corner you should not attempt to pass the defending car.
If you have the required overlap you may call for racing room to the defending driver using game chat.

It is the responsibility of both the defending and attacking drivers to allow room for each other when racing room is legitimately requested.
This means each driver leaving sufficient space on track so both cars can take the corner and overtake as cleanly as possible without being forced off the track.

7. Allowing racing room when being overtaken
This applies whenever racing room may be required while being overtaken, and particularly when being overtaken on the approach to or during cornering.

It may be necessary for a driver to allow racing room for another car when being challenged for position so that both cars can continue their race with minimum interference from each other.

When driving on relatively straight section of track a driver being challenged should hold his line on one side of the track and allow room for another faster car to overtake.
The defending driver has the choice of which side of the track to occupy, but must not impede the challenging car or weave across the track to avoid being overtaken.

It is very common for drivers to attempt overtaking on the approach to and while cornering.
In this situation the challenging driver should call for racing room if possible and if he is in a legitimate position to overtake cleanly.
This means that the challenging car has sufficient overlap to claim racing room in the corner and his front bumper is within 1/2 a car length of being level with the defending car.
It is the responsibility of both the defending and attacking drivers to allow room for each other when racing room is legitimately requested.
This means each driver leaving sufficient space on track so both cars can take the corner and overtake as cleanly as possible without being forced off the track.

8. Backmarkers don't race front runners
The onus is on a driver being lapped to allow the leaders to pass safely with least possible interruption to their race.
Do not race or attempt to defend your position against a car that is about to lap you.  Move to the side as soon as possible and give the lead cars room to pass.
If you are caught while going around a corner continue on your normal race line, once you have completed the corner move to the side and let the leaders pass.
Leaders, be patient when lapping a slower car.  If unable to pass immediately call for racing room and wait for a safe opportunity to pass

9. Entry and exit from the pit lane
Take care not to block other cars on the racing line as you prepare to enter the pits.  If you’re being followed closely, advise the following driver you intend  to enter the pit and position your car on the side of the track nearest  the pit entry.
When leaving the pit, check for cars approaching on the track.  Move to the racing line only when your car reaches racing speed.  Do not impede or block a car approaching on the racing line as you exit the pits.

10. Returning to the track after an incident
If your car leaves the track for any reason, check for approaching cars before rejoining the track.
Do not block or impede another car on the racing line when rejoining the track.
If necessary wait until approaching cars have passed before rejoining the track.

11.  Race Incidents
Racing incidents/accidents will happen.  Despite our desire and intentions to race clean, contact between cars will occur and cars may gain or lose places or sustain damage as a result.
Race incidents must as far as possible be redressed on track during the race.
Significant incidents that cause damage to cars and may effect the outcome of the race could result in changes to the race results.

12.  Penalties
Penalties may apply to drivers who are deemed "at fault" in race incidents.
The penalty will be determined by the race organiser or by a panel reviewing the race incident in accordance with these rules and/or any specific race regulations. The penalty may vary depending on the nature of the competition and previous record of the driver involved.
Penalties may include:
- changes to race finishing positions and results points/rewards allocations
- additional penalty point/rewards deductions
- exclusion from a race or race series
- exclusion from all further races organised by OZFM

Redress of Race incidents
Race incidents should as far as possible be redressed on track during the race.
On track redress must be done safely and all rules of conduct still apply during this time.
Cars not involved in the incident must be given racing room and be allowed to continue racing unimpeded, they may overtake the cars involved in the incident before they return to the track.  (see rule 10)

Significant race incidents may require additional redress after completion of the race and may alter the finishing positions gained on track.  Revision of race results should if possible be completed and agreed by the players immediately after the race. If agreement is not possible the race results can be challenged and reviewed after the race.  A race replay will be required for review of a significant incident.
Only the reviewed final race results should be posted on the forum.

Simple race incidents
If your car collides with another car and causes some loss of control and/or forward motion and you gain track position or are able to pass as a result of the contact, you must redress the gain(s) made as soon as possible.
Redress of a simple racing incident requires the car(s) at fault to reduce speed or wait at a safe position at trackside if necessary, and allow the other car(s) involved to come under control and if necessary regain their track position, after which racing can resume.

- For redressing on track contact, a driver is forbidden from making an agressive passing manouver on the other drivers involved for a minimum of three braking points after redressing.
 - If the other involved drivers make a solo error on the second braking point, then passing is permitted, provided it can be done so cleanly and in a non aggressive manner.
 - Any contact during an opportunistic pass on the second brake point, that is a result of the passing driver, will result in any position gained being forfeited.

Significant race incidents
A significant racing incident is one where contact between cars causes significant mechanical and/or aero damage and results in significant loss of performance to the car(s) involved and might compromise the overall race result for them.
A car deemed responsible for a significant race incident will receive a race finishing position behind the car worst effected by the incident.

Challenging race results or requesting reviews of  racing incidents.
A driver can request a review of a racing incident if it isn’t correctly redressed during or after the race.
A request for review must be lodged within 24 hours of the race and must mention the drivers involved, the challenging driver’s view of the incident, the lap or race time when the incident occurred.
The race replay must be available for review of a significant race incident.
All drivers involved in an incident will, if possible, be asked for their view on the incident.
The result of a review is final.

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Re: OZFM - Driver Code of Conduct

Post by C RazyStingray on Mon Aug 19, 2013 7:03 pm

Updated 18/08/13 to include revision for corner cutting.

Remember, it is a condition of entry into any event organised by OZFM that you have read and accepted this Code of Conduct.
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Re: OZFM - Driver Code of Conduct

Post by C RazyStingray on Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:05 pm

With another series just about to start I'll bump this back to the top. Please take the time to read through, especially the new section on corner cutting.
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Re: OZFM - Driver Code of Conduct

Post by surferofthemind on Wed May 06, 2015 4:32 pm

Project CARS is out tomorrow! That means more racing, YAY!
Don't forget good ol' Forza. Still a few events running.

But remember if you take part in any OZFM race event or race series regardless of the game you are bound by the Drivers Code of Conduct. Take some time and have a read.

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Re: OZFM - Driver Code of Conduct

Post by Dektra on Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:52 am

Updated 22/11/15
Added modifications to redressing rules.
Updated sections are highlighted in green
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Re: OZFM - Driver Code of Conduct

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