The New Driver

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The New Driver

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:40 pm

Hey guys,

I'm new to the Forza club scene, been a die hard advocate of Forza since its inception when I jumped ship from GT. It's not that I don't like GT, more that I prefer the balance FM provides.

I'm still kickin around in F-Class, partly because I'm pretty competitive and I don't like to be any lower than rank100 in the leaderboards if I can manage it, and also I really get into car setup.

Top preference is always circuit and I think lap times are meant to be broken. Hot laps are fun but prefer wheel to wheel. I prefer clean races but at the end of the day, rubbing is racing.

I understand you guys have your own home brew series' and I'd like to get in on the action.



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Re: The New Driver

Post by iWolf on Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:54 pm

g'day Ben,

welcome to OZFM.
Clean racing for AUS/NZ was the reason we exist. Though we do mix it up at times. Suggest you read the code of conduct and decide if our rules suit you. Rubbing may be racing but only if it happens occasionally, and then if it doesn't disadvantage the other drivers race.

Hope it works for you and we get to see you posting results in our races soon. There'll be plenty of racing coming on line in the months ahead.


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Re: The New Driver

Post by mad DANNO 29 on Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:02 am

Welcome rogue,

Edit: Wolfy the official greeter beat me to it Very Happy

I'll just say

Enjoy ....and welome again

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Re: The New Driver

Post by Dazza4610 on Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:08 am

OK, lets get things straight... I win, I sent him a PM

anyway, glad to get your username and GT sort for you.

I know you said you like F class, but there is a great little series about to start using the Abarth, I think they have bumped it up to C class. Still a great little racer though. Build one up take it for a spin. Link on the front page in the current series section.


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Re: The New Driver

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 27, 2011 1:03 am

Thanks for the welcome guys, yeah I actually prefer no contact at all and I'll happily pull aside and let someone past if I feel I've done wrong by them. I was just stating, love taps sometimes happen and although not optimal, I don't mind if I finish a race with a few battle scars Smile

Also, its not that I like F-Class, I'm really not that much of a fan, A-Class is where I aim to sit most of the time, just feeling my way through the game at the moment. Got up to rank 7 on sedona club in a Chevy Spark a few days ago although that time has slipped down the board a bit since.

I've got a 635CSi tune in progress at the moment and trying to get it as fast around that same track as the leaderboard topping Exiges, however its proving rather difficult Razz

I'll check out the Abarth series, sounds like fun and close racing.

Thanks Dazz for that fix.

Look forward to some close battles.


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Re: The New Driver

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