Next Level Racing GT Xtreme racing simulator review

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Next Level Racing GT Xtreme racing simulator review

Post by Envy The Best on Wed Jun 27, 2012 3:32 pm

An incredibly belated review, yes Dazz your disapproving tone has been at the back of my mind for a long long time Laughing

Item: GT Pro Extreme racing seat.

Yes, I most definitely should have done this yonks ago, but the thing is I’ve never really been certain about what I should say, as this is my first racing seat. The temptation to gush about how amazing it was to finally have a wheel was strong, so figuring out how to objectively review the seat has been a struggle. I’m not going to use PR speak and fancy words, what you see is what you get, and I hope some may find this useful in the future.

To be plain, I don’t see it as a “simulator” per se, more as a very convenient wheel attachment, since really the seat is the only piece that gives it the race car look. Replace it with any other seat and the purpose would not differ, the Recaro style bucket seat simply fits the part and doesn’t really add to the experience. That said I’ve found the seat to be incredibly comfortable considering what its meant to represent. You can easily play any other game that doesn’t utilize a steering wheel with ease (besides Wii games, Kinect, and Playstation Move obviously). The backrest is adjustable, so whether you want sit bolt upright to concentrate on a race, or simply lounge around fragging and taking names in Halo Reach, it will easily provide

What does add to the racing experience however, is the addition of a steering wheel (another obvious statement). For a time I had the Fanatec Porsche Turbo S steering wheel with the Clubsport pedals*, no shifter set. The framework of the set up easily provides for numerous positions, so whether you like your arms stretched out, or the wheel close up, theres a position comfy for all. Personally however I would like to see a little more reach to bring the wheel in even closer, since for me it wasn’t quite perfect, but I blame my long legs for that. Mind you it also depends on the steering wheel you have bought. There is a slight issue with the placement of the drill holes, they didn’t line up perfectly with the base of the Turbo S, so screwing it on was a little difficult. At one point I only had three screws in place instead of the required four.

As for pedal placement, the large panel caters for any make and model, however I had a few issues with the Clubsport pedals. Without regular cleaning the panel becomes very slippery, and numerous times during racing I’ve had to re-adjust the pedals because I was pushing them away every time I hit the clutch. It’s a minor thing, and could have been avoided with some extra rubber stoppers or something, but it was an issue so if you have the clubbies keep an eye out for that.

Construction wise the instructions could have been much clearer as there was a point where I wasn’t sure whether I should keep the four screws in on the very front, or get the side supports in place first (a feature I wanted to install). In the end to fit the side supports, I could only place two screws on the front panel. The rest was easy to follow however, and once that hurdle was passed it only took an hour to piece the rest of it together and get it in position in front of the TV.

In conclusion I would recommend it to others if only for the fact that this is my first, and only, experience with a proper wheel and seat setup. I have no idea what else is on the market and whether it surpasses the GT Pro Xtreme or not. With that in mind, I have enjoyed my time with it, and even though I no longer own a wheel*, it still has a general use as a decent chair to simply relax in. Mind you not everyones physiology may fit the bucket seat, and it most definitely isn’t as comfortable as a dedicated leather lounge. Many thanks to the OZFM staff for organizing the TT event and obtaining the seat as the main prize. First time I’ve ever won something from chance!

*Wheel was sold due to power transformer failure, which was unfortunately not fixed when I sent it back to the supplies even though I outlined the problem for them, both over the phone direct and my local JB HiFi’s store manager. I do plan to buy a new wheel in the future, but much like most things on my agenda, that’s on hold due to lack of employment.


Wheel baseplate. Holes don't line up exactly with Fanatec wheels

Seat adjustment toggle. Wasn't exactly easy to use the first time, however since its been worn in its easier to use

Seat recliner adjuster

The many places where you can slot the stands in

Numerous slots to put the wheel plate on.

Pedal rest, very slippery with the Clubby pedals.

The nose attachment, could only get those two pins in along with the side supports.

Yes i know its dusty Razz
Also no full set up pic as you can see, i theres just no room to do so where i've got it set up.
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Re: Next Level Racing GT Xtreme racing simulator review

Post by feralcobra on Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:44 pm

nice work envy its not the easiest thing to do especially the first one but i think you have done well Smile

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