Burnout Car Tuning

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Burnout Car Tuning

Post by xPPRTxAGROV8x on Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:16 pm

AGROV8's Burnout Tuning Basics

Parts Setup
The parts setup is the first stage of setting up a successful burnout car. When buying upgrades you need to take a number of things into consideration, which includes

1. Power ( as much as possible with the highest rev range possible without sacrificing power.)
2. Weight (as little weight over the rear wheels as possible, this means the highest % front weight as possible. Also reducing the overall weight will reduce the weight on the rear tyres.)
3. Putting power down ( Using Racing Tyres will reduce the time it takes to wear out your tyres as they are a soft compund. Race differential is necesarry to ensure you burn both sides as equally as possible.)

When you have a parts setup you are happy with we need to move to tuning setup.

Tuning Setup

Tyre pressure is to be as high as possible on the rear and the fronts are adjusted to suit how you want the car to steer.
Alignment is all to your own control tastes however I recommend rear toe to be set to 0, this seems to help burn fast.
Springs and damping should be as stiff as possible with ride height optional to how you want your car to sit.
Braking should be set 100% to the front with brake pressure set no higher than 15%.
Differential should be set to 100% accel which will force both tyres to spin as even as possible and 100% decel which will encourage the wheels to continue spinning through gear shifts reducing the chance of stalling.

Gearing is the most important part of the tuning. (ensure you shift at red line)
First gear is your starting gear so you want to be able to spin from a stand still. My recommendation is to lengthen first as long as possible without forcing the car to stall when clutch is dumped.
Second gear should be set as long as possible without causing the engine to stall when shifting from first.
Third gear should be set so when shifted from second the engine sits at around 75%-85% revs. This will allow it to meet a high wear point and increase the speed of the tyres as the revs climb.
Fourth and Fifth should be set to catch from the shift at around 75%-80% like 3rd. This will keeps the car at its peak wear point for every rev range.
Sixth is your "Money Gear" and is what will determine your tuning success. You want this gear to be set so it wont stall when shifting from fifth but also so it is hitting rev limiter by 90% wear on both drive tyres.

If Sixth gear taps out too early and your Fourth and Fifth is set right on the edge of stalling you can extend your Third gear as far as possible without causing the engine to stall when shifting to fourth. Doing this will mean retuning of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth.

Let me know if this helps you or if you have any questions. If you would like a 1on1 lesson on tuning for burnouts or driving a burnout car to its maximum just send me a message on xbox live and we will tee up a time.

Good Luck

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Re: Burnout Car Tuning

Post by Schuey007 on Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:49 pm

WOW Agro that really looks like a well informed guide, I say looks as I never read it all. Can you just send me over a tune, thanks buddy Very Happy
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