Results & pics from 6th OZFM Off-Street Drag & Burnout Comp!!

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Results & pics from 6th OZFM Off-Street Drag & Burnout Comp!!

Post by xPPRTxPACMANx on Wed Sep 28, 2011 10:45 am

size=18]6th OZFM Off-Street Drag race & Burnout comp results from the 26th September[/size]

Well it was our 6th OZFM Off-Street Drag race and a slow week with only 4 of us showing up to race. We will only be running 1 more race for FM3 which will be next Monday night.

Here are the entrants-

xPPRTxPACMANx – 1998 Subaru Impreza 22B Sti - 9.960 Dial in
xPPRTxAGROV8x – 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser – 11.450 Dial in
GOWIE – 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 – 10.600 Dial in
CDS MINI SPOOL – 1992 Nissan (Vl Turbo cuz) Silvia S13 – 11.900 Dial in

Here are the results of our 6th race. 2nd last race before Forza 4 .

1st round best of 5 races

------- xPPRTxAGROV8x (11.450) vs xPPRTxPACMANx (9.960) ------
1, -------11.567 (+.117)-------------10.027 (+.067)------------
2, -------11.484 (+.034)-------------9.977 (+.017)------------
3, -------11.461 (+.011)-------------9.960 (+-.0)--------------
4, -------11.434 (-.016)-------------9.993 (+.033)-------------
5, -------11.483 (+.033)-------------9.993 (+.033)------------

Me and Agro line up to race and both of us in new cars. We both run close to our dial in’s for most of the races with the 3rd race being the best one for both of us. Agro hits a .011 off his dial with me hitting my dial in to take the win.
****PAC moves on by hitting his dial in****

---------- GOWIE (10.600) vs CDS MINI SPOOL (11.900) -------
1, -------10.580 (-.020)-------------11.983 (+.083)-------------
2, -------10.631 (+.031)-------------11.849 (-.051)------------
3, -------10.613 (+.013)-------------11.897 (-.003)-------------
4, -------10.631 (+.031)-------------11.850 (-.050)-------------
5, -------10.647 (+.047)-------------10.817 (-.083)--------------

This time its GOWIE and CDS (Habib) MINI SPOOL lining up to hit the strip.
Gowie runs some consistant times running a best of 10.613 running .013 off his dial in.
MINI SPOOL or Habib as he would now like to be called had trouble dialing in his Fully sick VL turbo – Silva and must have a very special Dose pipe as he broke out 4 of the 5 runs. I think he needs to get his cousin to hook him up yellay!!
****GOWIE wins running just .013 off his Dial in****

Race for 3rd place best of 5 races

----------xPPRTxAGROV8x (11.450) vs CDS MINI SPOOL (11.900)-------
1, -------11.583 (+.133)--------------11.916 (+.016)----------
2, -------11.667 (+.217)---------------11.981 (+.081)----------
3, -------11.483 (+.033)---------------11.850 (-.050)----------
4, -------11.617 (+.167)--------------11.933 (+.033)----------
5, -------11.450 (+-.0)----------------11.850 (-.050)----------

Habib had his couzins were working hard in between races to get the VL sorted and it showed with his 1st run against Agro running a 11.916 just .016 off his dial in. A nice start for RAJAB Racing. Agro was struggling with his flying brick but managed to pull out all the stops to beat Habib in the final race hitting his Dial in of 11.450.
****Congrats to AGRO for taking out 3rd place****

3rd and final round best of 5 races again

---------xPPRTxPACMANx (9.960) vs GOWIE (10.600)--------
1, -------10.460 (+.500)--------------10.630 (+.030)--------
2, -------9.960 (+-.0)-----------------10.630 (+.030)-------
3, -------9.943 (-.017)---------------10.714 (+.114)-------
4, -------10.043 (+.083)-------------10.713 (+.113)-------
5, -------9.976 (+.016)--------------10.681 (+.081)-------

Its the final race of the night and its between me in the V & E Rigoli Racing Subaru Impreza 22B and Gowie in his C6 Vette. Gowie comes out strong hitting two 10.630’s in a row (bet he wishes that was his dial in) but then struggled to get that perfect launch. My first run saw me smoking the tyres off the line bad but then hitting back next race running my Dial in.

**Congratulations to ME for winning my 1st OZFM Off street Drag race. YAIY!!**

2nd - GOWIE
3rd - xPPRTxAGROV8x

Here are some pics of the action –
Had to use my phone to take pics lol.

We also held our 5th Burnout Comp

We had a winner for most % of tyre wear in a 5 minute period and also a winner for best burnout style (we dont want people just sitting in one spot doing a line locker)

here are the results for tyre wear-

1st – xPPRTxAGROV8x – Chrysler Barracuda – 100% after 3:58
2nd – xPPRTxPARCMANx – 69 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - 100% after 4:50
3rd - CDS MINI SPOOL – 06 Pontiac G8 - Left tyre 98% Right Tyre 100%

AGRO shows he is still the Burnout King tearing up the tyres and having a bad case of the crabs doing so.

This week we changed up the rules making it that the car had to be a V8 that weigh’s more than 3500lbs and 900hp or more.
MINI SPOOL stepped it up a notch almost frying the tyres right off within the 5 minutes. Alot better effort to last week. Great work Habib!!

***congrats to the burnout king AGROV8 for taking out the Tyre wear section of the comp in his Flammed up Barracuda**

here are the results for style –

1st – xPPRTxAGROV8x – AGRO the Crabman is what we shall call him from now on. AGRO showed awesome control of his Cuda holding it full lock crabbing the whole way down the burnout pad on the wall and then back again.
2nd – CDS MINI SPOOL – Had an awesome run doing a lot of circle work and getting nice and close to the walls at one point swung the back end out to miss the Crabman by inches.
3rd – xPPRTxPACMANx – I was too busy trying to get the tyre wear down in the Camaro and ended up collecting the other cars a couple of times trying to keep it under control. Ths car gets real loose real easy.

***Congrats to AGRO for taking out the Style section of the burnout comp in his Barracuda***

Here are a couple pics of the action –

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