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Game Stock Cars Extreme IndieGoGo

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Game Stock Cars Extreme IndieGoGo Empty Game Stock Cars Extreme IndieGoGo

Post by SunCrossed Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:05 pm

Hi all,

I've not been around of late but I've been playing racing games. iRacing, Assetto Corsa and Stock Cars Extreme have been taking my time. thought I might give the IndieGoGo for Stock Cars Extreme a plug as it is an awesome game and if you sponsor on that site you get a free copy of the game. It costs a bit more than buying on Steam but for the extra's that will come it is well worth it. I've done $35 and will be giving the free copy to a mate to get him into it. Probably got the best single player AI out there. Not the prettiest but I must admit it takes up a chunk of my time at the moment because it is so much fun. Great Physics, rFactor engine, great racing on a lot of unknown tracks around South America. South American v8 cars are awesome fyi =)

Here's what Empty Box has to say about it.
See Here

Plus they are putting Aussie V8 Super Cars into it which is awesome!
Indiegogo Link

Well worth checking out! Hope you do!

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