250cc SuperKarts Championship Round 1 - Brands Hatch Indy - Sign up

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250cc SuperKarts Championship Round 1 - Brands Hatch Indy - Sign up

Post by Neilo05 on Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:49 pm

Welcome to the 1st Round of the 250cc SuperKarts Championship at Brands Hatch Indy

xImNotTheBestx has produced a fun orientated championship which will provide some serious races in these ultra competitive and addictive karts.

Entry will be on a 1st in basis, with standbys used if one of the 1st 12 are unable to make the night. If for some reason you have posted here and are unable to make the race please notify either xImNotTheBestx or WoodyLizard at the earliest convenience.

All entries to round 1 must be done on this thread or the Facebook page AUZ/NZ Combined Racing League (Entries will be updated on relevant sites).

Make sure you have friend requested either xImNotTheBestx or WoodyLizard on Xbox friend list, as invites will be sent at the start of the event.

Event Details

Sunday 3rd April (AEST)

7:45pm - Lobby open: Invites sent
8:00pm - Qualifying 1: 5 minutes.
8:10pm - Race 1: 18 Laps.
8:25pm - Qualifying 2: 5 minutes.
8:30pm - Race 2: 20 Laps.
8:45pm - Break: 10 minutes.
8:55pm - Qualifying 3: 5 minutes.
9:00pm - Race 3: 18 Laps.
9:15pm - Finish

Weather: Clear with cloud increasing in the afternoon.
Time of year: 3rd April, 2016.
Starting Time: Race 1 - 8:00am; Race 2 - 12:00pm; Race 3 - 4:00pm
Force Default Setups: Yes
Force Interior View: No
Assists: Auto or Manual gears only
Tyre Wear: Off
Fuel Usage: Off
Damage: Off
Mechanical Failures: No
Flags & Penalties: On
Ghosted Vehicles: Off
Grid Size: 12

Entrant List

GamerTagCar number / team
xImNotTheBestx#7 Vittorio
WoodyLizard#17 Bolting
frogpro007#26 Luguitas
Steel Jockey#25 sptcar
zRaptor999#36 CTD
Tyrone TheHorse

Giving it a red hot go
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