WRC Powerslide Review

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WRC Powerslide Review

Post by crimson eagle73 on Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:07 am

New game on LIVE. 1200 points.
Get the demo and see if you like it.
It's an arcade game featuring the tracks of WRC3.
I Like it a lot despite its obvious flaws.
It has got so-so reviews.
1)Main gripes is that you have to grind a fair bit to unlock cars tracks.
2)Some people do not like the third person Camera angle.
3)Not many people in the multi player lobby.
4)Some of the crash physics are a bit iffy.
5)Lack of local multi player split screen support.
6) You can't drive around as yourself. You pick a real drive team and take their name.
My views are this.
1)I don't mind the grind as it gets you used to the extra long and very beautifully drawn tracks.
2)I think the camera angle is perfect for this arcade title. I don't normally like third person, but it really suites this title (actually in some ways it's a little bit of a simcade as it features crashes and damage. Although not as much simcade as Horizon was, it's more on the arcade side (if that makes sense)
3)can't argue with the lack of multi player action Although if you could get 3 other mates together this would be an absolute blast.
4) Who cares about crash physics in an arcade title. lol It also has a heap of cars to unlock. ANd the AI if pretty good to play with too.
5) This is the biggest gripe. No local multi player is a real pain as this feature would really make the game a lot of fun.
6) Driving around as yourself would be fun, i admit. But it's not a game changer.

Conclusion: download the free demo and see if you like the camera/game play/graphics.
If you do buy it (as I did), try and get three other mates to buy it as well and it could be a great little race title for 1200 points. And a fun way to waste an hour or two with mates

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