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Intro - iWolf

Post by iWolf on Sun Aug 16, 2009 1:59 pm


Impressed by the effort you've gone to to set up a local Forza Forum. XXwell done!

Checked out some of the action in the first V8 supercar races last week, all looked great from the spectator mound.
Am building a Monaro in Valvoline colours (car number is 51), will look for a spot on the grid - if I can get it finished and turn a decent lap time, and get the flat screen at the right time, etc.

Have been driving in Forza2 for a while and loving it, but haven't raced online yet. Using the MS wheel and definitely prefer it to the controller for a race sim.

Keep it going.

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Re: Intro - iWolf

Post by RU four 86 on Sun Aug 16, 2009 2:09 pm

Welcome, Smile as u have noticed its all a bit new around here, we are trying to get a good bunch of guys together for a relaxed fun time with the lead up to FM3. we have a full grid for series 1, but happy to offer a run to you if someone fails to turn up for a round. there is a few more events in the pipeline appearing shortly in the Calender section on this forum ( link in menu bar)
once again welcome, talk soon, RU
RU four 86
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Re: Intro - iWolf

Post by o MANIC o on Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:18 am

Welcome mate, nice to see another new member come on board. I've got a few mates signing up in the next day or so, so mabye we might be able to run a second division for the remainder of the series. Just have to wait an see who joins in th next two days. Otherwise like RU said you'll be first on the list of reserves if someone doesn't show, which is very possible. Barring that there is a Euro supercar league starting in the next few weeks, so check that out and put your name down for a spot if u want.

Hope to see u on the track soon, and that u become an active member of the forum.

Cheers o MANIC o

P.S add me on XBL if u like GT is as above.

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Re: Intro - iWolf

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