April Clio Cup - Starts Friday 14th April 2017

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April Clio Cup - Starts Friday 14th April 2017

Post by Ratel on Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:17 pm

2017 April Clio Club Cup

This series will be run on Friday nights from the 7th of April through to the 28th. Each night will consist of two races on different tracks each being of 74km + 1 lap in length.
Lobby will be open at 8pm Sydney time for an 8:20 start. 
The tracks will be as follows;

14th April   - Road America + Leguna Seca
21st April - Road Atlanta Short + Watkins Glen Full
28th April - Spa Francochamps + Bernese Alps Full Reverse
5th May - Nurburgring GP + Nordschlieffe (sp?)

Handicapping will be done on a per night basis rather than per race, with the handicap being for everyone in the top 5. 
The handicap will be (provisionally) as follows;
-10% power
-5% front Grip
-5% rear Grip
+10 seconds
This will be tested and adjusted. 
Friday nights have a long history of strong handicapping on OZFM and will continue to do so.

The car will be the Renault Clio V6 with a fixed build. Tuning is however open within that build. All tunes must be open to all other members to download. I request that in the description you use: "OZFM APRIL 2017" followed by either a C for controller or W for wheel depending on which you have tuned it for.

Points will be awarded as follows;
1st - 30
2nd - 25
3rd - 22
4th - 20
5th - 18
6th - 16
7th - 15
8th - 14
9th - 13
10th - 12
11th - 11
12th - 10
and so on.

Points will be awarded to drop outs in order of distance travelled, for example if driver A drops out on lap 3 and driver B on lap 8, B will receive a higher position than A.

If you make an attempt to join the lobby but Live isn't co-operating, you will get points for 3 positions lower than last place. This applies no matter how many Live based DNS we have.

Please use this page for any questions. I will have a separate sign up page. Here

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