Summer of 86's

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Summer of 86's

Post by Ratel on Wed Dec 14, 2016 1:16 pm

This series will start on the 16th of December 2016. The lobby will open at approx. 7:45pm Victorian time with racing to start at 8:00pm (Victorian Time)

For this series we will be returning to single build cars. These are to be Toyota GT 86 using my B600 tune which I have shared.

Driver Groups
Drivers will be placed into their groups based on an assessment of their results in previous series and will be announced at least a week before the series start*. If you disagree about which group you are in, you are free to request a switch to the other group. Also note that people out driving their respective groups may be changed to a higher group starting on the next week.

Handicapping will be as follows;
Top 4 drivers
-10% Power, 15 second delay

Next 4 drivers;
-%5 power, 10 second delay

Bottom 4 drivers;
Full power, no delay

Everyone else;
full power, 5 second delay

Points will be;
1st = 30pt
2nd = 25pt
3rd = 22pt
4th = 20pt
5th = 18pt
6th = 17pt
7th = 16pt

and so on.

Drop outs and DNFs will receive points based on how close they came to finishing. for example if someone dropped out on lap 7 they would receive more points than someone that dropped out on lap 3 regardless of their position when they dropped out.

If a serious attempt was made to join the lobby, but due to XBOX or ISP issues was unable to actually race, they will receive 5 points or 3 places lower than last place awarded on the night, whichever is lower.

The only decal layers that are required are that you have your racing number at least 1/3 the height of your front doors, and your car to contain at least 3 colours other than your number.

At the end of each round a "Now for something completely different" race will be held, with the track to be chosen by the previous weeks driver that came last in race 1, and the car/s chosen by the driver that came last in race 2. This race will not be counted towards the championship, and is purely for fun.


Week 1
Airfield Test Track
Long Beach Fulll

Week 2
Road Atlanta
Bugatti Night

Week 3
Road America full
Indianapolis GP

Week 4
Prague Short
Spa night

Week 5
Nurburgring GP
Bernese Alps Full Reverse

Week 6
Laguna Seca
Brans Hatch Indy

Each race will consist of at least 49 km + 1 lap. 2 races will be held each Friday night.
Races will use tyre and fuel damage only, and default collisions (ie ghosting for stopped cars)

This post will be updated soon.

Please post any questions in this thread.

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