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The Daytona 24 hour race first started as a 1000km race back in 1959, thoughout the years it has seen a number of changes in both name and duration. Since 1966 the race has been designated a 24 hour duration, the same as the famous 24h Le Mans in France.
The race is held in at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. The circuit is a 3.56-mile (5.73 km) combined road course, utilizing portions of the NASCAR tri-oval and an infield road course.


All drivers are required to enter as a team of two, both drivers are to drive the same car with the exact same paint. Tunes may vary between drivers. Both drivers are required to complete two stints

Saturday 7th January 2017
Qualifying - 15 minutes
Stint #1 - 40=5 laps (+1 Formation ONLY IF REQUIRED, DUE TO QUALI DROPOUTS ect)
(Those who qualify MUST participate in Stint 1) DAY

Sunday 8th January 2017
Stint #2 - 45 laps (+1 Formation) NIGHT

Saturday 14th January 2017
Stint #3 - 45 laps (+1 Formation) NIGHT

Sunday 15th January 2017
Stint #4 - 45 laps (+1 Formation) DAY

- All sessions will START at 7pm AEDST (6pm Qld)
- Lobby will open 30 minutes prior, invites to be sent out.
- We ask for prompt arrival, as we want to avoid delays (especially for Sunday night sessions). We apologise for the inconvenience, however we will not be waiting or delaying the lobby.
Each driver MUST complete 2 stints each. In which order you complete them in is up to you, BUT who ever decides to QUALIFY has to compete in Stint #1. This is to avoid mucking around with lobbies.

DAMAGE will be set to FULL

"Quickstops" are OFF. However many stops you decide to do is up to you.

ASSISTS: Traction and Driving line is allowed, all other assists will be forced off.

TRANSMISSION: Maunal or Manual With Clutch.



A list of the cars used in this series can be found here.


- Each driver is to race with the EXACT same car, and the exact same livery and race number. There is to be no difference between anything. Tunes can be different, as they suit a certain driver, or if improvements were made between stints.

- An "Event Board" is a compulsory inclusion to your race livery. It has been created and can be found by searching "D24GT" on the storefront. These are to be installed somewhere between the front and read wheel arches on BOTH sides of the car. as well as on the bonnet of the vehicle. They should be in the size downloaded.
Numbers need to be in white in Font Style 1, centered in the numberboard at size 0.22x0.22

- All cars are required to have emergency shut of stickers on the boonet similar to what is shown in the following picture. They should be on the drivers sider of the bonnet at the base of the widscreen.

- Tyres should be Michelin (shared under D24GT)

- VP Racing Fuel should be located on the rear quarter panel of the car in the size downloaded (listed under D24GT)



- To maximise lobby size, we will be utilising GAME chat for this event. As an extra, we will set up a group MESSENGER CONVERSATION. Here, the lobby host will send out messages/alerts for Safety Car intervention. Please have your notification volume on your device switched ON, as I will send multiple messages for instantaneous "notification sound warnings".
- Microphone/Headset use is still compulsory.


- IF/WHEN TWO or more cars are involved in an incident where they have sustained damage and they need to pit for repairs, a SAFETY CAR and YELLOW FLAG CONDITIONS will be announced by the lobby leader, both Verbally and on the Group Messenger chat. Those involved are to inform the field immediately. Under these conditions, all overtaking is prohibited, on the exception of passing damaged cars. Racing is to be stopped, however the race will come under SC control on the end of that lap (we will announce whether a Virtual of Dedicated Safety Car will be in place upon the start of each session). Until you have reached the back of the SC, you can maintain a fast pace. Pitting under SC/Yellow Flag is allowed, but you do so with the knowledge that you may be sacrificing your current position. The field will be controlled at 100kmh, in SINGLE file, and will maintain that speed until all damaged cars have pitted and rejoined. Please note that we may need to reshuffle the field in the scenario of lapped cars are mixed in with cars on the lead lap. Those backmarkers who are out of position will be asked to pass the safety car, BUT the lobby leader will be the only person to determine that. At no point will the S/C slow or stop the field in order for others to catch up. It will continue to circulate at 100km/h. (If early enough, the lobby leader may increase the controlled field to 130 km/h to resume the race faster, but restarts will be done at 100km/h)
- When the field is ready for the restart, the S/C will accelerate away and make its way to the pit. The lead car is to HOLD 100km/h until the S/C has announced it has entered the pit lane. The leader can then choose to resume the race from that point onwards, up until he crosses the start/finish line. OVERTAKING is prohibited until YOUR car has passed the start/finish line.


 Stint 2, 3 & 4 RESTARTING
- Whilst we would like for everyone to retain their time gaps between stints, this unfortunately will prolong the restarting procedure, therefore is not viable in this event. Start procedure for sessions 2, 3 and 4: All entrants will be provided with their start position and an individual start time based on their result from the previous session. Once a session begins all drivers are to remain in their grid positions for 20 seconds until all cars are ghosted. Then the drivers will leave the starting grid one at a time in order of position. The leader will proceed very slowly until the field has formed up and lead a warmup lap around to the grid. The field will then form up in their grid positions. Each driver will leave the grid one at a time, according to the start time they have been given by the organisers (the leader will leave at 5 minutes exactly, with each following driver leaving at their individual start times). This start procedure has been selected to ensure that the overall order and positions in the race is reflected on the circuit, making it fair in the case of traffic or safety cars.


 Incident Review

- If you are involved in an incident during the race, please provide video eveidence of possible, and if needed, we will add the penalty (in the form of a TIME penalty at the completion of each stint.

For several reasons a 'time compression' will be applied to the results of session 1, which will determine the outright standings and therefore individual start times for session 2. This will ensure that anyone who is far from the lead of the race for whatever reason, will not have to wait so long to begin racing in session 2 and keep interest in the race high.[/size]
The compression will be applied to each entrant with respect to their distance in time (gap) to the race leader. The race leader, and anyone who completes a session within 10 seconds of the race leader, will not have their result affected. Anyone further back than that will have the time they are behind the race leader compressed, by a higher factor the longer the gap. This will NOT affect any of the race positions (the order of positions will remain unchanged).
[size=14]Here are some example gaps behind the race leader and what they will become after the time compression is applied:
5s remains 5s
10s remains 10s
20s becomes 15s
30s becomes 20s
60s becomes 31s
2m becomes 51s
and so on.
For those interested in the mathematics behind this, the equation is: Compressed Gap = 2.5 × √Gap + Gap ÷ 5
This time compression WILL be applied to the results of sessions 1, 2 and 3 but will NOT be applied to the final result of session 4. The official standings after sessions will be listed accurate to three decimal places but for the individual start times for the next session they will be rounded to the nearest whole second.

Big thanks to FMCARS for supplying the basis for this write up.
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