Welcome to The Sweet MR2 Challenge

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Welcome to The Sweet MR2 Challenge

Post by surferofthemind on Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:29 pm


In this 5 week series we will be taking the Toyota MR2 through it's paces. Set build for parts but tune to your hearts content. The build is B600 and can be downloaded ... search for ozfm mr2. Put up by Jedeye Jones. This is an educational series so all drivers that tune must share their tunes. If anyone asks you to talk through your tune please oblige them. That's how we learn.


This series will start on the 26th of June 2016. The lobby will open at approx. 7:45pm with racing to start at 8:00pm (Victorian/NSW Time).


All liveries must be chocolate themed. Raceboards must be used. Download raceboard from Forza. Search terms are MR2 and OZFM. Please place numberboards on both doors and the boot ahead of the rear wing and your gamertag on the rear of your car large enough to be legible.

Driver Group Handicapping

Drivers will be placed into their groups based on last race. After each race the top 3 will be penalised 5% power. There will be three groups in total prepped for each race.
Groups will depart the random standing grid in their respective groups. Top drivers will depart last etc. the last three drivers in the race will depart 1st. The roll-off delay will be high so top drivers will be on the chase throughout the race.


Points will be;
1st = 30pt
2nd = 25pt
3rd = 22pt
4th = 20pt
5th = 18pt
6th = 17pt
7th = 16pt
and so on, with an extra point for fastest lap. There will be a cap on entrants equal to the maximum people able to connect to a party, with preference given to lower skilled drivers.


Each race will consist of at least 50 km. 2 races will be held each Tuesday night on 2 different tracks. Week three will be an exception  - being an single endurance  race.
Tracks will consist of;
Week 1  - Mazda Laguna Seca and Watkins Glen Full
Week 2 - Nurburgring GP and Brands Hatch Indy (rain)
Week 3 - Prague Full
Week4 - Lime Rock Full and Silverstone National
Week5 - Brands Hatch Full and Sonoma Short

Races will use tyre and fuel damage only, and default collisions (ie ghosting for stopped cars)

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