Le Mans Multi-class Endurance Series Round 2 Silverstone GP - 10th July

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Le Mans Multi-class Endurance Series Round 2 Silverstone GP - 10th July

Post by Neilo05 on Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:51 am

Welcome to Le Mans style multiclass endurance racing on Xbox One. Round 2 sees us at UK's Silverstone GP circuit.

Each of the three rounds will be a 2hr timed event, featuring 3 different classes - LMP 1, Prototype 2 and GT3. This will give a variety of different looking and handling cars on track.

Events will see us drive through a complete simulated 24hrs, starting in daylight, driving through the night and back into the sunlight.

Round 2 - 10 July - Silverstone GP

On race night, there will be qualifying only before the race.

Start Procedure
When the green light releases all the cars for the drivers to accelerate, everyone is to stay slow and in formation through the corner on to the start straight. Pole sitter is to accelerate up to 80kph (50mph). The rest of the field should follow and bunch up at this steady pace until the start line. Pole sitter will accelerate at the start line. Everyone at this time can accelerate also when they see the leader go. No overtaking will be permitted until crossing the start line.

Please be aware, those in slower classes may have quicker classes come up behind you quickly. Keep an eye on your mirrors. It is also advisable to keep your race map on so you can see car positions, in particular coming out of the pits.

Overtaking etiquette will be as follows:- overtaking cars must make the move with due care. It is the overtaking cars resposibilty to do it safely. Please note, this means slower cars have the right of race line through the corners, but once on the straights, keep to one side so quicker cars can pass safely. Those racing in the same class may defend race lines, but only ONE move to defend is permitted. WEAVING will not be tolerated. Once an overtaking car gets along side, you MUST leave at least a cars width on the track for them and not crowd each other off the track.

Night Setup

7:00pm AEST - Lobby open
7:05pm - Qualifying - 20 min
7:25pm - Warmup - 5 min
7:30pm  - Race - 2hrs
Finish - 9:30pm

Weather - Light rain forecast, otherwise light to medium cloud.
Race type - current date
Race start time - 10:00am
Time progression - x15
Assists - Real allowed (race line will be off)
Tyre wear - 2x
Fuel use - real
Damage - full
Mechanical failures - off
Flags and penalties - on
Ghosted vehicles - off
Grid size - 16

DNF's will be awarded points based on lap number they DNF or drop out at i.e. 10 racers, 8 finish the race awarded points for positions 1-8, 2 DNF's, one drops out at lap 12, awarded points for position 9, other drops out at lap 5, awarded points for position 10.
No shows will be awarded first points place after last place or last DNF points. If more than one no show, will be awarded equal position points


Steel Jockey - Audi R18 etron quattro #2
Frogpro007 - Marek RP 339H #86

Prototype 2
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WoodyLizard - Caterham SP/300.R #18
Rawlisdad1958 - Radical RX #27
RawliRS - Radical RX #28

stevewalton99 - Corvette C7.R #27
RUFFRIDA13 - Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 #74
XImNotTheBestx - Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 #75
D3L8OY - Aston Martin V12 Vantage #108

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