ATCC Series Round 6 (FINAL ROUND) - Bathurst

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ATCC Series Round 6 (FINAL ROUND) - Bathurst

Post by feralcobra on Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:12 pm


-Night setup-
>8.00(AEST) - Lobby open.
>8.15(AEST) - Q Session - 3Laps (remember where you finish)
>8.30(AEST) - Race 1 - Q Grid rolling start =24 Laps (About 1HR)

- Rolling Start Procedure -
The 1st lap of the race will be formation, do not move off the start/finish line until your name has been called. First place from Qualifying will lead . Speed will be limited to 80km/h throughout the entire lap. And the race will begin after the lead car has crossed the start/finish line.
Please make sure your connection is up to racing. If you feel you may be not be able to race safely with your connection it may be best for you to sit out.

Collision Procedure

Any accident involving 2 or more cars, resulting in damage to any involved cars, will call out the safety car. Following a crash, a ‘Yellow Flag’ will be announcedand the leader will slow up the field at no more than 80km/h until all cars involved in the collision have repaired their damage and re-joined at the back of the grid.
Any crash where a driver has made an error and no other vehicles are involved, there will be a localised caution, and no safety car.


You may pit during a full track caution, however you will forfeit your position and re-join in last place. Drivers may race to the start/finish line on the same lap the Yellow is announced, after which pace must drop to a maximum of 80km/h.


The top 12 drivers and bottom 12 will be split into two parties.Or split into equal amounts if more then 12 but less then 24

Special Rules

Lapped cars

- It is the responsibility of the front runners to call blue flag if they come up behind a lapped car.
- Slower drivers should hold their line during technical sections or corners and then pull to the side and let off the accelerator on straights to allow lead cars to pass. Failure to do so is very naughty.


- Drivers are expected to show caution during the race, restarts will only be called on the formation lap or the first lap of the race.

- Drivers who damage another car during the formation lap will be required to start from the pit lane, thus forfeiting their position from qualifying, they may not start until all other cars have passed.

- In the event of multiple cars requiring a pit lane start they must line up at pit exit in the order in which they qualified (fastest in front). They must still wait until all grid start cars have passed.
- Any driver utilising their brakes to boost launch speed will forfeit one position for that race.

Corner Cutting

- Any repeated corner cutting to gain time or positions will result in loss of 10 points from driver championship for each offense.

Incident Report

Report any incident to a race coordinator within 24 hours of the race with a supporting clip.

Performance Ballast  
The winner from each round incurs a 5PI penalty for the entirety of the series, to a maximum of 10PI.

1. Holesom (10PI Penalty)
2. Feralcobra
3. NZs Capt Slow (5PI Penalty)
4. I34CON (5PI Penalty)
5. WoodyLizard
6. Ningham 16
7. Ssemper
8. Hillcrest
9. lllAUZZIElll
10. rooney 240780
11. oREAPSo
12. CosmicCimera
15.Jedeye Jones

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Re: ATCC Series Round 6 (FINAL ROUND) - Bathurst

Post by Neilo05 on Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:06 pm

I've got a work industry night which I need to go to on Tuesday.

I'm gutted that work has got in the way for most of this series.

Giving it a red hot go
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