Warnings given after Round 4 of V8's at COTA

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Warnings given after Round 4 of V8's at COTA

Post by Neilo05 on Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:46 am

Warnings have been issued to several drivers relating to breaches of OZFM code of conduct and detailed rules in relation to rolling start procedures for the V8's.

Please take the time to review what is required after contact causing a driver to loose control

If your car collides with another car and causes some loss of control and/or forward motion and you gain track position or are able to pass as a result of the contact, you must redress the gain(s) made as soon as possible.
Redress of a simple racing incident requires the car(s) at fault to reduce speed or wait at a safe position at trackside if necessary, and allow the other car(s) involved to come under control and if necessary regain their track position, after which racing can resume.

- For redressing on track contact, a driver is forbidden from making an agressive passing manouver on the other drivers involved for a minimum of three braking points after redressing.
- If the other involved drivers make a solo error on the second braking point, then passing is permitted, provided it can be done so cleanly and in a non aggressive manner.
- Any contact during an opportunistic pass on the second brake point, that is a result of the passing driver, will result in any position gained being forfeited.

Also familiarise the starting procedure on the V8 thread

The lead Car will dictate the speed from the Bunch Point, which must be less than 80km/h and more than 70km/h. The practice of aggressively accelerating and/or braking, and/or moving either left or right is prohibited from this point. From the Start Point the lead Car must accelerate at which time all other Cars may accelerate. No overtaking, or break in formation is permitted until the start line. If lead Car reaches the Start line and hasn’t accelerated, the second Car in the line and the remainder of the field is permitted to accelerate after which overtaking will be permitted. Overtaking is strictly forbidden until the start line unless a Car slows with an obvious problem.

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