Rookie Racer - "Bee Jay"

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Rookie Racer - "Bee Jay"

Post by BeeJ on Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:29 pm

Hello all,
Started using my son's Forza 5 about 8 months ago and enjoyed building and tuning non leaderboard cars in the lower classes (C & D) and then working on the car and practice laps until I could post times in the top few percent on a couple of my favourite tracks.

Now I have bought my own XBoxOne and Forza 6.  I am working through career mode to expose myself to a wider variety of cars and tracks.  I don't mind the AI opponents but online multiplayer seems to be a crashfest.

From the beginning the only assists I have used are the braking line, and sometimes Traction Control on the very powerful cars in the higher classes.

Looking forward to racing "live" opponents but expect to be a bit tentative until I get some experience.  Starting out in Amateur and will see how I go.

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Re: Rookie Racer - "Bee Jay"

Post by XYvSTUvYX on Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:16 pm

awesome welcome mate, yeah best to start in Am, we all came here thinking we were fast in the public lobbies but soon realised we needed to learn from each other and become cleaner faster drivers, hope to see you on the track soon Smile this would be a good start small lobby good bunch of blokes
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