PCARS - Week 6 Time Attack

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PCARS - Week 6 Time Attack

Post by XYvSTUvYX on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:07 pm

Weekly Multi-Platform Time Attack
Post a screenshot of your time using the take screenshot on xbox and send it to me via xbox message, or take a photo and post it here or on facebook

Rules: There will be 2 groups based on lap-times. For example if you're more then 5 seconds of the fastest time you will fall into the 2nd category, if you're closer then 5 seconds you'll be in the top category. If you're in the faster group of drivers we encourage no assist's but there is no way of enforcing it so it'll be up to you to be a good sport. The winner of the faster group will select the car, the user will be selected at random to pick the track for the next round.

This week
Cars - Formula B
Track - Azure Circuit

Sly Dux - 1:27.718

Good luck
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