Thrustmaster TX Wheel for sale - not working but fixable

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Thrustmaster TX Wheel for sale - not working but fixable

Post by CosmicChimera on Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:13 pm

Thrustmaster TX Wheel and pedals for sale - make me an offer.

Wheel is not usable at the moment because dog chewed the usb cable to bits - as this cable is hardwired to the base (clever design!) it needs specialist repair.
Other than that, the wheel and pedals work fine - only other exception is that the B button is a bit sticky, so not suitable as a critical in-game button.
Happy for it to be picked up if you are in Melbourne (Point Cook) or will post, but post charges could be pretty high due to weight.

(Have replaced the wheel with the Fanatec V2 + universal hub + GT wheel and loving it Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy )
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