OZFM GT Enduro Series - Round 2 - Nurburgring GP [7th December]

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OZFM GT Enduro Series - Round 2 - Nurburgring GP [7th December]

Post by hillcrest on Sat Dec 06, 2014 4:22 pm

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Round Format
1x15min Qualifying (Collisions off, random grid, 1 second roll off)
1x 38+1 Lap race (Collisions on, grid: results of Q, 2 mandatory pit stops)
Race Rules:

Start Procedure
Races will start from a rolling start. Drivers will form up in their grid positions take the formation lap at no faster than 80kmph. Once the lead car exits the last corner all drivers may accelerate to race pace, however, no overtaking may occur until the start finish line.

For incidents on the formation lap or the first lap of the race the race will be red flagged and the race length reduced by 1 lap. When a restart is called the drivers will slow to 80kmph and come to a stop at the grid area/start-finish line. Drivers affected by damage will pit and drivers will reform in their qualifying order and complete another formation lap for the race to be restarted again under a rolling start. Drivers that are suffering bad lag may be moved to the back of the grid. There will only be 1 restart per race.

Pit Stops:
There will be 2 mandatory pit stop. Pit stops may not be taken on the first lap of racing or in the last 5 laps of the race nor may they be taken on subsequent laps.

Lapped Cars
- It is the responsibility of the front runners to call blue flag if they come up behind a lapped car.
- It is the responsibility of the back runner to move off the racing line and allow the lead cars though at earliest convenience.

Safety Cars
A Safety Car will be called in the event of 2+ Cars being involved in a significant collision. Once a safety car is called the remainder of the lap will be conducted under yellow flag conditions (no overtaking) Cars may pit under a safety car and it will count as a mandatory pit stop. Only 1 pit stop taken under a safety car period will count as a mandatory pit stop. Once the lead car completes their lap they will be required to slow down to 100km/h and will act as the safety car. Once the damaged cars have pitted and rejoined the queue racing will recommence at the beginning of the next lap. Lapped cars are able to un lap themselves during a safety car period.
Lobby Restrictions:

Traction Control: Open
ABS: Off
STM: Off
Race Line: Open
Transmission: Open
Steering: Open
Damage: Simulation

Start Time: 8:00pm for 8:30pm start (Melbourne Time)
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Re: OZFM GT Enduro Series - Round 2 - Nurburgring GP [7th December]

Post by XYvSTUvYX on Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:36 am

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