XBL query - Setting up kids XBL

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XBL query - Setting up kids XBL

Post by TEEROY 34 on Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:30 pm

Hey fellas,
just looking at getting my son set up on xbl.
mostly because he is taking over my account and the theatre room with it. ha

He always wants to play my arcade games i download onto my own profile, like the free gold games etc, joe danger, crash course and happy wars etc etc
He has his own xbox in another room but its not hooked to xbl as i don't want him doing his own roaming without restriction.
I know there was some changes recently with accounts and such

I know a few of you have the same scenario with kids and such so thought id throw it out there as you will know the best way to set it up.

..and yes i have been away on holidays and yes i am back
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