FM5 - Super Taikyu *Idea*

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FM5 - Super Taikyu *Idea*

Post by Dektra on Thu Dec 05, 2013 2:05 am

Looking for someone to help me put together a multi-make, multi-class race series based roughly off the Japanese Super Taikyu series.
Super Taikyu features production cars of roughly Group-N spec (minor variances through classes) that are separated via drivetype and engine size (AWD/FWD/RWD/>2001cc/<2000cc etc.)
Surfer and myself have gone through the cars in the game at present, and picked out ones that would be ideal, but it is going to take a fair bit of work to get them sorted. Lucky we have heaps of time before everyone is on board with FM5. + having a few mainstays all but sorted already for the new year gives us a bit more breathing room.
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