Forza 5 track and car wishlist

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Forza 5 track and car wishlist

Post by Sly Dux on Sun May 26, 2013 11:45 am

So turn 10 have started a wishlist page on which has alreadyb spammed out to 10 pages and counting. Here are the links if anybody wants to blow hot air in their direction because my guess is they have already nearly finished the game anyways. Pretty sure i saw on the first page some american rattled off 2 race track outside of america and then listed every single round (read shit Razz ) track he could possibly think of. And apparently the track in the trailer is prague

Track wishlist

Car wishlist

Feel free to post but dont hold your breath. Hopefully something awesome comes out of it because if f5 is supersweet it could be the difference between me buying the new xbox and not.
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Re: Forza 5 track and car wishlist

Post by surferofthemind on Sun May 26, 2013 3:34 pm

You think the Mods here love to use/abuse their powers...

Create a "wish list" post outside these threads and watch how quick they get locked. Keep posting outside and find yourself on a long holiday from the Forza forums.

Back on topic:
Hoping that all the work done on the cars for Horizon is not lost and those new cars are included with the cars that make it over from FM4. Not holding my breath on seeing Porsche return but if it does hoping it comes with launch even if there is no extra Porsche's via DLC.

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Re: Forza 5 track and car wishlist

Post by Waffelz on Sun May 26, 2013 9:22 pm

*Back off topic*

Honestly the mods on don't do a bad job, They've always had a low tolerance for dreamers posting a random thread saying "I wish we had a 180sx in FM3" or "we need more Mustangs" and if they didn't that's all the forum would be full of (and drama of course, but that's fairly well contained in the drift lounge)

"On topic*

no point wishing for me because I'm probably not going the get a Xbox One Razz
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Re: Forza 5 track and car wishlist

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