Uni - Flipping Cars for Profit

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Uni - Flipping Cars for Profit

Post by surferofthemind on Sun Dec 23, 2012 10:17 am

Auction House: Flipping cars

One man's junk can be another man's treasure...

Too many times I see untuned, excessively upgraded and ugly painted cars all over the auction house, many for ridiculous amounts of credits. But there can be a few bargains out there as well.

With Forza 4 there is a greater number of prize cars available in the game. Each of the 50 levels there is a choice of 2 to 6 cars (and sometimes more with the DLC). Each car you win holds the value of 100cr in your garage so it is not worth selling back to the game but many have proven to be competitive racing machines with the right upgrades and tuning so their value can greatly increase. Add a quality livery and your car could be worth millions.

Some players do not see this. It is a prize and worth nothing. Simple answer, sell it. Put it up for auction and hopefully you can get more than 1000cr for its sale. Even after they add 100,000cr worth of upgrades to put it way out of its class and add some mismatched in-game logos with a few stripes they feel that it is worth over a million.

You have won the car in-game, used it through the career, after many races it now has a perfect tune and between races you have applied a livery fit for a winning race car. It has raced all it can and it is time to retire it. So should I keep it or sell it?

Why not save the paint and tune and add them the the Storefront...
Or auction the car off?

As a prize car there will be many unwanted ones on the auction house. Some with paint, some with tunes and some just plain stock. Prices will vary from the lowest of 1000cr to some in the 100 millions. Always check its value from the dealer and keep your bids bellow that. Grab a few cheap cars auction house. You may get lucky and get some for a few grand. The rarer and more expensive cars will always go for a lot more.

After you buy the cars always a good idea to strip them. Sell off all the unwanted parts (rims and wings always hold value while other upgrades may be worth nothing due to affinity). Once done add your tune. After that add your paint. Get a few cars ready at the same time and then add them to the auction house. I always put them at different finishing times so other time zones can have a bid at the end of auction.

How much should I try to sell my car for? For a complete package don't sell for less than the full cost (new car and parts). Use that price as the bid amount if you like. The buyout should be what you want, what you think it is worth or just leave it blank. Having the buyout for well into the millions for a car that is worth less that 50,000cr is stupid but if it has a realistic starting bid it should sell.

When you think about it you are selling your tuned and painted cars as we did back in Forza 2. It is a harder market due to the Storefront but there a plenty of credits to make in the auction house if done right.

Example of a good flip.
* Won the 08 Viper SRT10 ACR in game.
* Modified my EVGA livery for the car and built good S600 tune.
* Grabbed a heap of Vipers off the auction house from 2000cr to 70,000cr each (new car costs 100,000). Most of these were unwanted prize cars.
* Stripped them, added my tune and paint. Made up to 10,000cr on a few from the parts and my tune only cost me 3,000cr to apply.
* Returned them to the auction house for 90,000cr start bid with no buyout and at random finishing times.
* 1st car sold for 1.5 mil. 2nd for 95,000cr. 3rd for 6.5 mil. 20 - 30 more have sold after that and all for good profit.
* With the extra credits I bid on another set of Vipers ready to flip again.

Now I am flipping the Aston DBR9, Audi A4 DTM, Supra GT500 and GTR GT500. All with paints, some with tune others with just rims and making a killing. Plus no advertising on the forums.

What cars were prizes and how much are they worth if bought brand new?

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Re: Uni - Flipping Cars for Profit

Post by Zabbey21 on Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:24 pm

Great guide Surfer, good to see the uni getting some action. I've been out of touch recently but shall start getting back into writing up guides and other helpful things like this.

Top effort mate!
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Re: Uni - Flipping Cars for Profit

Post by crimson eagle73 on Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:00 pm

I agree.... Great guide.

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Re: Uni - Flipping Cars for Profit

Post by OctarineDream on Sun Dec 23, 2012 10:40 pm

That's cool - nice work. To be honest I never really bothered much with the auction house and trying to get credits. I think the credits are so easy to come by in-game just by racing. Personally I think that's a shame - I think cash should take a while to come by which would encourage more of the other ways (auction stuff as Surfer has suggested, painting, tuning etc.) to get money.
Great guide though! :-)

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Re: Uni - Flipping Cars for Profit

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