My Dad's experience at Nordschleife

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My Dad's experience at Nordschleife

Post by SunCrossed on Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:30 pm

Hey, just thought I'd share the photos my Dad sent me of his track day at Nordschleife this year, he would have had video but he brought a cheap and rubbish HD video camera that broke in two seconds instead of a GoPro. But he was on the track with two cars the Veyron below and an Aventador. He was in a suped up Cooper S...

Here's his words on that experience
"june 2012.....bloody awesome and frightening, when absolutely flat chat at 220kph and the bugger went past at warp speed.... didn’t even see him coming....."

I'm seeing if he has any other photos or videos.
He also went track days at Spa and Goodwood as well, I'll see what I can get.
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Re: My Dad's experience at Nordschleife

Post by OctarineDream on Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:30 pm

Nice one - I had planned to go there this year, but unfortunately on the one day I had spare to get there (I was in Frankfurt - not too far away) it was pouring rain and I really didn't want to be flying around the track in those conditions. Shame really...

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