Shanno's Every Day Racers Challenge

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Shanno's Every Day Racers Challenge

Post by sillybilly77 on Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:47 pm

Here's another idea that might be fun in the future:

Note this proposed competition is not be officially affiliated with Shannon Noll, Shannon's Insurnance or any other Shannons, Nolls or insurance organisations.

The basic premise is to use typically non-exciting cars that usually bloat the car lists.

I grabbed a copy of a car list from somewhere, and found the cars I thought would be relevant. I went through them to add extra data such as the stock the tyre sizes that can be found on the linked page.

[url= ] [/url]

The contenders have four doors for practicality, standard uninspiring style and performance should be average. - exception to the door rule for ute subcategory although they could potentially be excluded.
- the four door rule does exclude some very “ordinary” cars such as the ford Ka on the grounds that the one included in the game is at least the “sportish” looking model and has some potential to be less boring.

Additional subcategories have been suggested mostly for comedic value but specific events that feature selective inclusion or exclusion:
- GoGreen ( hybrid or electric )
- LowPower ( or maybe LightPowerless = car initially under 1000kg ?)
- SoccerMum
- UteBeaut
- CClass ( cars starting in C class )

Cars can be tuned to various class levels so events may be run for a specific class exclusively and there can be multi-class events. To ensure maximum averageness the PI limit for each class is set 50% between the limits, the desired performance indexes are:
- F150
- E238
- D313
- C388
- B463
Class B might be stretching the performance and F might be too limited, so I think initially the focus would be on C, D and E classes.

The results not quite be 'Q' cars - might be fun but should be slowish so not be any surprise leaderboard contenders.

Tune restrictions
Some kind of parity is initially aimed at by limiting tire compound and size limits.
No race tyres?
Maximum tyre width 225 width and maximum rim is 18”?
Note the is exceptions to this rule for SoccerMum and UteBeaut vehicles – I don't know what these should be?
Perhaps all vehicles could have a limited change from stock – eg max + 2 tyre width and + 1 rim size?

Some additional parity adjustments might be needed - eg, on super light cars or very heavy ones?

Short to medium tracks, nice and easy to learn and if there is multi-class events the lapping would occur more frequently?
Probably keep the practical tie-in to using real world tracks, expect Silverstone and Catalunya national tracks and Nurb Gp short?
“Regular Priced” car event at variations of top-gear test track would be logical, as would best motoring shoot out at tsukuba and possible motegi?

This is intended to be a very casual competition.
Is a points table relevant?
I don't know when would be good, as above possibly something for the future...
Perhaps people could just have a couple of these cars tuned up for an add-hock non-competition race?

In order to keep it casual there might be lots of short races for a change of pace from the lengthy serious events run here.
Occasional extended races could feature for the extended commuter experience if the idea would be popular.

As a casual themed event this would be open to all comers?

I might not have time to enter regularly let alone, organise this any further – I was just curious to the car stats and though it could be a fun one to put forward as something funny that might be fun to do.

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Re: Shanno's Every Day Racers Challenge

Post by Lachy5 on Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:09 pm

how about spaceship cup WOOT

race series for the ugliest cars the game has to offer......... delorean, fiat coupe thing??? etc

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