Joshikas in the forummm

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Joshikas in the forummm

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:29 pm

hey guys, im josh aka joshika
im an old school drifter, ive been on all the forzas, got most decent racing games on the xbox and im a straight up car nut.

haters gonna hate but im a 100% jdm ricer boy, on and off the xbox, most of my cars on xbox are all jap cars and to top it off my weekender is a R33 skyline 4 door all kitted out n shizzz Surprised

youll mostly find me in the drift comps for forza but ill get involved in the racey stuff from time to time.

ive been a high ranking member of Driftcorp for probly a year now..

pretty easy to get along with and yeh if you wanna add me or drift sometime add me on xbl
gamertag be : xDCx JOSHiKA



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Re: Joshikas in the forummm

Post by iWolf on Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:44 pm

welcome josh,

I saw you've already found the upcoming OZFMDL event. Hope that gets off the ground soon and you enjoy drifting with some of the other guys on forum.

You might get some comments about car preferences, but it'll be mostly tongue in cheek and too bad to them that aren't.

My usual request for new drifter members is to post some pics or vids of some of your battles. Always enjoy watching talented drift.
I can't do it, but I do like to watch. Wink

Hope you enjoy the forum.
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Re: Joshikas in the forummm

Post by puttzNZ on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:42 pm

welcome dude....

haha love the ricer part, jap crap all the way mate....! love the dirty muscle how its done Razz
good to see you jumped straight in to the OZFMDL, one of the 1st drift events on OZFM since Ive been around so should be good to get some slid on..

Catch ya out there dude...
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Re: Joshikas in the forummm

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