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Recent behaviour

Post by Ratel on Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:24 pm

I am here in my admin hat to say that the current amount of bitchiness that is going about will stop completely and immediately. Yes I am aware that not everyone here likes everyone else. I like you all however . But we are almost all adults and I expect you to act like it. If you aren't an adult please do your best to act like one anyway.

While we all like to stir our mates up a bit both in races and on the forum, recently it has gotten too far. Everyone is to consider this their first warning!

You are not to bully fellow OzFMers

You are not to constantly complain about them, especially if you hardly ever race with them.

If you still can't get along with them, do not race them and otherwise just ignore them.

If you still have an issue with any other OZFM member, speak to an admin about it,
do not bag them, and the admins out because you aren't getting your way.

I know there are only a few involved in this, so to the rest of the crew I would like to thank you for your mature and fun demeanour while racing. To those few you are now on notice that you are currently on thin ice. I do not want to ban anyone but bullying behaviour will not be tolerated.

Good luck with your racing, chat soon

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